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Siding Replacement and Repair

As roofers, it is almost impossible to complete much of our roofing work, without replacing or repairing siding of some sort. Whether it is due to damaged flashing, siding that will cause the home to continue to leak, or the homeowner just wants to have some ugly siding replaced. Siding is an every day part of our job. The three most common types of siding we work with, are Hardie Plank, Vinyl, and Cedar. We find that performing siding related services, along with the roofing that we do, helps us to stop many of our customers leaks that were never on the roof in the first place.

We get a lot of siding repairs on chimneys that have been damaged by the weather, have wood pecker holes in the siding, or old masonite siding that is failing. Often the chimneys will have roof to wall flashing issues. And will require both the roofing material, and siding to be removed in that area, in order to properly reflash the wall, while tying the roof back in, and replacing the siding that was removed. Siding that is brittle and needs to be replaced in weather prone areas is also a very common issue.

Some of our customers are ready to get rid of the old siding on their homes, and install something new. Often the project will involve new decking or insualtion on the exterior walls. While some types of siding are more durable than others. All siding should be properly installed, to keep the storms from making it into the structure of your home.

Whether your roof is falling apart, you need to have your siding replaced, or would just like to have a local company come out and give you a free inspection. We can handle your exterior home improvement needs. We offer excellent work at affordable prices. We also guarantee all of our work, and give solid warranties.

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