When is a Roof Repair a Good Choice?

Unfortunately, by the time someone reads an article about roof repair, they are often already having problems with the roof on their home or business. There are so many questions to be answered when we have issues with our roofs. Age, material quality, weather related damage, and installation quality are subjects that come up quite frequently when talking about the roofs over our heads.

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When a roof starts leaking, many people would simply like to know if their roof can be repaired. We find in our day to day roofing experiences, that most problems can be repaired, if they are taken care of within a resonable amount of time from the first sight of damaage. We get on lots of roofs where the homeowner has told us they were told they needed an entirely new roof, only to still have the roof in good functioning condition, years after we have performed our roof repairs on their home.

If you have roof that is less than 5 years old and it is having problems, you should be under warranty with your roofing contractor. They should be completely willing to handle the problem and honor their warranty on your roof. We offer a 10 year leak free guarantee at our company, because we know a roof is a large investment and we are very confident in the quality of our work. I personally do not enjoy going on another roofing compnies work that is or should still be under warranty. If the problems are severe and there is leaking throughout the house, it could mean that the new roof is beyond repair and needs to be competely replaced all over again.

If you have a roof that is past it's warranty. But it has been keeping the water out, and now you are suddenly having roof issues. You are probably in a good position to avoid the cost of replacing your entire roof, and get a roof repair that will stop the leaks, which will also allow the roof to survive the remaining years that the materials used will normally last.

While there are still some roofs with 20 year shingles on them, the newer architectural shingle roofs are typically considered "lifetime" shingles and should last 20-30 years if properly installed. In that time period, sealant can fail, pipe boots fail at the seals, vent nails back up through vibration, allowing water into the nail, holes, etc., and many of these problems are maintenance issues that are very common. While these things can be avoided during the initial installation of the roof. It is not the industry norm, as it takes extra steps ,and materials that are less likely to fail, or have a longer lifespan. These issues can all be repaired if the surrounding roof is in acceptable functioning condition. Roof repairs such as these can add years to the life of your roof, and are often not that expensive if caught before water damage is allowed to spread.

When properly installed, metal roofs are made to last, but they do come with a few common issues of their own. Metal roofs with exposed fasteners will possibly need maintenance every 15-20 years. The washers on the screws will fail over time, allowing water to get in through the hole, and into your home. The screws can also back out with the wind, and contraction and expansion of the metal roof. Using a larger diameter screw and replacing all of the exposed screws and washers, will often be all that is needed to buy the roof another 15 years before any new problems will arise.

While low slope roofs can often be repaired,the damage to the roof and the structure below, can get bad fairly quickly, and it is always a good idea to get a professional to look at your roof right away. When leaks in these roofs have been allowed to go on for some time, the likelyhood of needing only a simple roof repair is diminished.

Many roofing companies will almost always want to replace your roof. The number of qualified repair technicians in the roofing trade has decreased significantly over the past couple of decades. Many contractors do not have anybody working in their company that can perform complicated roofing repair work, nor salespeople that have the roofing experience that would allow them to be able to properly assess the condition of the repair area. The truth is, your roof can more often be repaired than not. Get a free roof inspection from a roofing company that has roofers showing up at your door to assess the situation. There are a few companies left that will do everything they can to help buy your roof many extra years of useful life. Roof repair experts are not nearly as readily available as some would like to claim, but you will know when you find one, and will be happy when you did.

Always ask a Roof Repair Expert for a second opinion

Roof is beyond repair and needs replacement

This roof was not properly nailed, among other issues. It lasted for a while, but because the nails were overdriven into the shingles, the shingles broke free from the nails. Allowing them to slide down the roof, exposing the paper and decking underneath, letting water leak into the house.