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25 years of experience(Actual, not combined)
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A few words about us

Now 42 years old, the owner of All Peaks Roofing, Clayton has been involved in the roofing trade since before 1995. He trained in Tampa Fl. as an apprentice laborer where the codes are very strict, finally becoming a roofer, after which he fine tuned his craft in Michigan. Another harsh weather state with a strict set of codes. Having the knowledge to meet hurricane codes, combined with proper practices for snow and ice states, gives us a great advantage over quality control when doing our work. There really is more to roofing than nailing some shingles to the roof.

In the beginning of 2015, Clayton founded All Peaks Roofing™,LLC. He had worked for many roofing companies over the years, and found that the ladder that was there to climb in this industry, had basically fallen apart. When he started as a young man, you showed up, worked hard, paid attention, and looked forward to being a good roofer some day. The old guys growled at you if you did something wrong, and did not let you claim their title as a roofer, until you had put in some time and serious effort. Upon becoming a roofer, you continued to hone your craft, and could look forward to being a supervisor, salesman, or Contractor. Somewhere along the line, the quality was gobbled up, ladder broken, and quantity became everything. We know from experience things have changed, and we will continue to provide old fashioned tradesmanship to as many people as we can truly help, without sacrificing quality.

All Peaks Roofing™ is here to stay. This is the only roofing company we have ever started ,and ever will start. Our name and quality means everything to us. We know there are so many stories for people to sift through to find a good roofing contractor to hire. We figured we would simply be honest.

Starting roof replacement in Woodstock

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Bring quality back to the roofing trade. Through quality roof installations and repairs, we will continue to show that all roofers are not the same when people see our completed projects. We want to see the ladder that has been lost in this industry be rebuilt. Our guys are fully trained from the bottom up, and are expected to be a solid example of true craftsmanship.

Woodwork on roof in woodstock Georgia

All Peaks Goals

We want to help as many people as we can honestly handle, prolong the lives of their roofs through solid repairs. And perform roof installations and replacements with superior quality to what we see from day to day.

Having customers that know they are more than just a number to us means everything. We will show them through good work ethics, and the skills we have built in this trade, that we have spent our lives training to do each and every one of their projects that we take on.

roof almost complete in woodstock georgia

Our General Business principles

Honesty, integrity, quality, and the satisfaction of a job well one is a must in our company, in general, and for our customers. We wont try to sell a job that we arent fully experienced and capable of handling.

We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics. And we believe in presenting ourselves as we truly are. The owner Clayton is a roofer plain and simple. Roofing is a huge part of who he is, and he will make sure our company is giving you some of the best work in the area.

Problems for us are very, very rare. And unless we are repairing someone elses work, we sleep like babies at night, our customers do to. If in the very rare occurence an issue were to arrise, we handle things right away. We do not leave our customers wet, ever. We fully back our warranties, and quality control is tight. We believe in doing the job correctly the first time.

There are very good roofers to be found, and some are in our area. But it is getting to be a trade that sees less, and less experienced tradesmen in the industry. We have so many passing up the hard work to become salesmen at a young age, and we have a generation of companies that have no way to truly check for quality, when not having any leaders in the company with actual experience on the roof. Our values do not align with this business model, and we believe firmly in the old fashioned job well done.

finished roof in Woodstock
Work Ethic

We work hard and always do the job to the best of our abilities. Often we end up being the company that does the job several others walked away from. We honestly dont mind, as this gives us opportunites to face challenges and make people happy in the process.

Qualified Tradesmen

All Peaks Roofing is family owned, and ran by a very experienced roofer. We have the ability to confirm that our guys know what they are doing, and that our work is being done professionally.

Highly Rated

Our name, pride, and your happiness in our work means everything to us. We will always strive to provide the best possible outcome for every situation we come across. We realize that no two customers are alike, and we want each one to feel like they chose the best roofing company for their project.

Why Choose Us

We do beautiful work!

We care about the quality of our roof repairs and installations, and it shows. Every job is different, and we give attention to every detail required to produce beautiful results. Most work looks good from the curb, we make sure ours looks good up close.

Trusted In The Community

You will get an honest assesment of the scope of work. Contract with no fine print. And a quality repair or installation every time. We back our work with no nonsense warranties and are the chosen roofing contractor of 100s of people throughout the area.

Roofing Is Our Passion

Roofing is what we do, and we do it very well. We have people in our business that grew up in this trade. It took years of producing excellent work and training other roofers, before Clayton felt it was the right time to take our skills to the general public. You wont be dealing with a company that depends on the word of a subcontracting crew that a job will be done correctly. Our guys know we take quality very seriously at All Peaks Roofing, and they expect to have their work quality checked at any time.

Leak Free Warranty

Our warranties are leak free. We find that there are too many workmanship or lifetime warranties out there that are full of holes. We like to keep things honest and simple. We do the repair or roof correctly, give a solid warranty with no fine print, and you have peace of mind knowing we have you covered for years to come. Top this off with some of the best roofer tested, tried and true products in the industry, and you have a combination that is hard to beat.

All Peaks Roofing Roof Replacement near Cartersville