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We are going to post some of the most ridiculous roofing quirks that we run into in THIS area from day to day, you won't see this very often in some other areas, as some have strict codes and guidelines that must be followed, or simply have true roofers doing the majority of the work. People should be informed as to what some roofing companies are selling as quality roofing these days. Don't worry guys, we won't say any names here. Some of the pictures will be shocking, and some may be just down right ridiculous. Roofing is a skilled trade, and some seem to be forgetting this fact. People do not become roofers overnight, and to truly know the ropes, it takes years, actually being on a roof, learning how water works, how roofing systems work, and how to battle all sorts of weather conditions. It doesnt take 1, or 2, or 200 roofs to become a true skilled roofing journeyman. It takes 1000s of situations, and having respect for the trade.

Left in the rain                 Nice Work                       Ouch

Make sure your atlanta roofing contractor is competant Skilled journeyman roofers would not do this Skilled roofing is getting rare

I see wood                     Missing nails = blow off      Fail

Have a roofer inspect your roof Make sure your roofer knows how to nail correctly Some roof repair could be avoided

Hey it flows backwards       no one will notice

Use a skilled roofing tradesman    Hire a trusted roofer

No Nails !

No shingle stagger / Valleys ran wrong side first / etc. etc. etc.


Part 2 - Amazing

Sadly, this list will grow, and grow.