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Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are one of our specialties. After many years in the field, repairing old, damaged, or improperly installed roofs, we know what is required to give you a roof repair that lasts. We give a 1-3 year warranty on all repairs, depending on the current condition of the roof surrounding the repair.

If you choose All Peaks Roofing LLC to repair your roof, and later decide you are ready for a full roof replacement, you can be assured that you haven't thrown your hard earned money down the drain by prolonging the inevitable. We will deduct any labor charged on your repair from the cost of your total roof repacement.

Our repairs start at $135, and many can be handled the same day we arrive to give you a quote. We can do this because you will be dealing directly with an experienced roofer, not some salesman that probably has little, if any experience in the roofing trade.


Canton Roof repair (poor flashing, underlayment, no drip edge)



Roof Leak Repair in Acworth


Roof Repairs done right with warranty / Fully insured with workers comp and general liability


In the roofing trade for 19 years. Atlanta roof repair. Roofing contractor / Acworth / Woodstock / Roswell / Marietta / Alpharetta

This was a small leaking roof repair recently done on a 2 year old home in Acworth. It had many other small issues on the roof, and should not have passed inspection. Make sure to hire a qualified, fully insured roofer, when getting a new roof or repair. I want call you the homeowner to action, by looking up at your roof, ask questions, make yourself informed. It is easily one of the most important parts of your home, and while things may look good from the ground, over time, jobs that were not done professionally, can cause costly issues.



Another avoidable roof repair in the Acworth Area due to negligence on the roofer's part. Two of these "eyebrows" just sitting in the rain for quite some time.


Roof repair in Kennesaw that started off as a small leak. It doesn't take much water getting in to cause serious issues over time.